General Information

Length of Service:

As a petit juror, you are usually on call for one  to two weeks or service on one entire trial. You will be notified by mail when to call in for instructions.

Your Jury Summons/Questionnaire:

You will receive your jury summons/questionnaire in the mail approximately two (2) weeks prior to your term of service. You are to return your questionnaire within one week.

Your Compensation:

Compensation varies between counties and is set by the Board of County Commissioners. In Coshocton County, jurors receive $10.00 for appearing the first day. If you are seated and serve as a petit juror, you will receive $20.00 for each subsequent day of service. You should receive your payment in the mail two to three weeks after your appearance. Your employer is required to give you time off from work to serve jury duty. Check with your personnel department to find out what your company policy is regarding Jury Duty Pay. Failure to appear as ordered may subject you to Contempt of Court (O.R.C. 2313.29 and 2313.30).

Your Attire:

Please use good judgment and report for jury duty properly dressed. Shorts, mini-skirts, tee shirts and tank tops are not appropriate attire.


You may park anywhere in the downtown area. 

Court Security:

To maintain proper security, all persons entering the courthouse (including courthouse employees) may be subject to search and screening. Bags, cases, and parcels may be searched.

Questions About Your Jury Service:

If you have any questions regarding your service, please call the Court Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at (740) 622-1595.